Friday, December 13, 2013

Design Study.....Sketchbook, Part Two

These are a series of sketchbook design studies for a vacation cottage on Cape Cod in Truro, Massachusetts. I developed these this summer while I was in the hospital and had a lot of time to kill designing houses for all the doctors. These elevations were drawn at 1/4" scale in a cold press water color paper sketchbook. The drawings are constructed as hardline studies in 3H pencil and are then drawn freehand with Micron, Pilot Razor Point and Sharpie ink pens. They are rendered with H and 2H pencil washes. The scanner I used washed out a lot of subtleties and contrast in the pencil washes and shading which is kind of a bummer but there are ways around this if you have more patience with your scanner. Which obviously I don't...   


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