Thursday, January 23, 2014

A drawing in stages...

Indiana State Capitol from Monument Circle....Controlled freehand in ink, pencil and Prismacolor ( on yellow tracing paper. Final version of the preliminary studies shown below for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.
Intermediate Stage Study...Uses the same media as described above but begins to explore the atmospheric qualities of the drawing. Day or night? Spring, autumn or winter? Level of detail in the entourage? Hmmmm....decisions, decisions.

First Stage Study...the basic compositional bones. Click on the image to enlarge and you can see a lot of the preliminary pencil work. I actually like this as much as the final image shown at the top of this post.


  1. Nice :) Do you sketch these on location? Or from a photo? Because these would take hours I'm guessing...

  2. Usually I start with sketchbook studies on site to establish the basic composition and then work from photographs that I take to figure out the atmosphere and seasonal entourage that I am after. In this case I worked from photographs because I used to live in Indianapolis for a long time and worked literally around the corner from this building. I had a high degree of familiarity with the capitol and its environs. The first sketch is at the bottom of the post and was done in my sketchbook and from there I was off to the races. I do a lot of layout work in wood red pencils and then ink over my first layouts. Hope this helps and thanks for asking.

  3. Thanks so much :)